Gerard Kelly

October 28, 2010: Gerard Kelly, 51, popular Scottish TV and panto comic actor who appeared in the series City Lights, Rab Nesbitt and Extras, of an aneurysm.
Links: Herald

Stathi Katsidis

October 19, 2010: Stathi Katsidis, 31, Brisbane-based Australian jockey, of a suspected drug overdose. He was the brother of world-rated boxer Michael Katsidis.
Link: news.com.au

Gerald S. Lesser

September 23, 2010: Gerald S. Lesser, 84, US psychologist who was a longtime adviser to the children's television show Sesame Street.
Link: NY Times

Fud Leclerc

September 20, 2010: Fud Leclerc, 83, Belgian singer who performed at the Eurovision Song Contest four times and, in 1962, was (jointly) the first contestant to receive no points.
Link: Wikipedia

Victoria Longley

August 30, 2010: Victoria Longley, 49, Australian actress who had a distinguished stage career and mentored young television actors, of breast cancer. Her own TV career included roles in Wildside, Young Lions, Water Rats and All Saints while her stage credits included King Lear, The Vertical Hour, and The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?
Link: SMH

Abbey Lincoln

August 14, 2010: Abbey Lincoln, 84, US jazz singer, songwriter and actress whose hits included ou Gotta Pay the Band, recorded with Stan Getz, and Devil's Got Your Tongue. She was also active in the civil-rights movement.
Link: Shanghai Daily

Art Linkletter

May 26, 2010: Art Linkletter, 97, American comedian and radio and television host known for his amusing interviews with members of the public and children.
Links: BBC

Andrew Koenig

February, 2010: Andrew Koenig, 41, star of US sitcom Growing Pains and son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig. He went missing on February 14 and his body was found in a Vancouver, Canada park on February 25.
Link: CNN

Jennifer Lyon

January 19, 2010: Jennifer Lyon, 37, American reality TV contestant, of breast cancer. She came fourth in the Survivor: Palau program.
Link: EW

David Lloyd

November 10, 2009: David Lloyd, 75, US sitcom writer whose credits included Cheers, Frasier, Rhoda, Taxi, Lou Grant and the much-loved and lauded "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Links: BBC

Claude Levi-Strauss

November 3, 209: Claude Levi-Strauss, 100, French anthropologist, intellectual and author whose books included Tristes Tropiques, The Savage Mind and The Raw and the Cooked.
Links: BBC

Don Lane

October 22, 2009: Don Lane, 75, American entertainer, born Morton Donald Isaacson, who became a top-rating and highest-paid television host in Australia in the 1970s and early 180s. He later went on to be a commentator for American sports. In recent years, he has been under care for dementia.
Links: news.com.au

Ludovic Kennedy

October 18, 2009: Ludovic Kennedy, 89, Edinburgh-born British broadcaster, author and journalist. His book Ten Rillington Place led to a posthumous pardon for Timothy Evans, who was executedf for killing his baby daughter, and he later became a respected television reporter and newsreader.
Links: Guardian

Mike Leyland

September 14, 2009: Mike Leyland, 68, Australian television presenter, from Parkinson disease-related illness. With his brother Mal, he hosted travel documentaries and the popular Ask The Leyland Brothers program in the late 1970s and early '80s.
Links: ABC

Marie Knight

August 31: Marie Knight, 84, US gospel singer whose hits with Sister Rosetta Tharpe in the 1940s and 50s included Didn't It Rain, Beams Of Heaven and Up Above My Head.
Links: BBC

Ted Kennedy

August 25, 2009: Edward Kennedy, 77, US Senator and brother of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, of a brain tumour. A key Democrat who pushed important legislation, his presidential ambiitons were thwarted when, in 1969, he drove a car off a bridge at Chappaquiddick. His passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, died.
Links: CNN

Allen Klein

July 4, 2009: Allen Klein, 76, US music manager whose clients included the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, the Animals, the Kinks, Chubby Checker and Bobby Womack.
Links: CNN

Drake Levin

July 4, 2009: Drake Levin, lead guitarist with popular 1960s US band Paul Revere and the Raiders.
More recently he played as a session musicians, blues gutarist and with the band The Sinners. Links: NY Times

Danny La Rue

May 31, 2009: Danny La Rue, 81, drag queen born Daniel Patrick Carroll in Ireland. He was famous for impersonations of Marlene Dietrich, Zsa Zsa Gabor and even Margaret Thatcher, toured the world, was feted by royalty, wrote a best-selling autobiography and once ran his own nightclub in London's Hanover Square.
Links: Guardian; Telegraph

Albert Lewis

February 28, 2009: Albert Lewis, 84, popular Cincinnati children's entertainer known as "Uncle Al". His TV show was the longest-running show of its type in the US.
Links: cincinnati.com

Eartha Kitt

December 25, 2008: Eartha Kitt, 81, US jazz and blues singer and actress who once played Catwoman in the Batman TV series. Her hits included Santa Baby, I Want to Be Evil and C'est Si Bon.
Links: Washington Post

Don LaFontaine

September 1, 2008: Don LaFontaine, 68, US voiceover man who made 5000 movie trailers.
Links: BBC

Reg Lindsay

August 5, 2008: Reg Lindsay, 79, Australian country music star. Lindsay's hits included Silence on the Line, Armstrong and Empty Arms Hotel. He hosted the national music show Reg Lindsay's Country Homestead and was one of the few Australians to have performed at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
Links: The Australian

Hugh Lloyd

July 14, 2008: Hugh Lloyd, 85, British actor and comedian who starred alongside Tony Hancock in Hancock's Half Hour and Terry Scott in Hugh and I.
Links: Telegraph

Yves Saint Laurent

June 1, 2008: Yves Saint Laurent, 71, iconic French fashion designer. After learning his trade from Christian Dior, Laurent opened his own fashion house in the swinging Sixties and helped define style in the second part of the 20th Century.
Links: Telegraph.

Harvey Korman

May 29, 2008: Harvey Korman, 81, American actor and comedian best remembered for his appearances on The Carol Burnett Show. He also starred in the films Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety and The Trail of the Pink Panther.
Links: USA Today

Brian Keenan

May 21, 2008: Brian Keenan, 66, Irish republican and guerrilla strategist, of cancer.
Links: Guardian

John Phillip Law

May 13, 2008: John Phillip Law, 70, US actor show rose to fame with Roger Vadim's Roger Vadim's psychedelic classic, Barbarella, opposite Jane Fonda. He began his career on stage, but thanks to speaking Italian, Spanish, French and German, ass well as English, he was able to claim that he had made more than 50 films in 24 countries.
Links: Guardian

Ted Key

May 3 2008: Ted Key, 95, US cartoonist who created the character Hazel. Hazel became the star of a TV series in the 1960s.
Links: CNN

Humphrey Lyttelton

April 25, 2008: Humphrey Lyttelton, 86, British jazz musician, cartoonist, comedian and host of the long-running BBC Radio 4 "antidote to panel games" I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.
Links: Times, Daily Mail.

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