Angelo Dundee

February 1, 2012: Angelo Dundee, 90, US professional boxing coach who guided the careers of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.
Link: NY Times

Jimmy Castor

January 16, 2012: Jimmy Castor, 64, US funk music legend whose hits included I Promise to Remember and Troglodyte (Cave Man).
Link: Wikipedia

Zelman Cowen

December 8, 2011: Sir Zelman Cowen, 92, Australian lawyer and academic who became the nation's Governor General.
Link: Brisbane Times

Basil D'Oliveira

November 19, 2011: Basil D'Oliveira, 80, South African-born cricketer who was classified as "coloured" under the apathedi regims. His selection to play for England in South Africa in 1968 led to the cancellation of the tour and was a watershed moment in the sporting boycott of South Africa.
Link: Wikipedia

Betty Driver

October 15, 2011: Betty Driver, 91, British actress who began in showbiz at age 12 but gained fame four decades later as Betty Turpin, later Betty Williams, in long-running TV soap opera Coronation Street.
Link: BBC

Diane Cilento

October 7, 2011: Diane Cilento, 78, Australian stage and screen actress whose films included The Agony and the Ecstasy, Tom Jones and The Third Secret. She was married to actor Sean Connery and later playwright Anthony Shaffer, with who she developed the Karnak Playhouse in Far North Queensland.
Link: Wikipedia

Graham Dilley

October 5, 2011: Graham Dilley, 52, English cricketer, who bowled in 41 test matches and is regarded as the unsung hero of the team's victory in the 1981 Ashes series.
Link: Wikipedia

David Croft

September 27, 2011: David Croft, 89, British sitcom writer, director and producer whose shows included Dad's Army, Are You Being Served?, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Hi-de-Hi! and 'Allo 'Allo!.

Jonathan Cecil

September 22, 2011: Jonathan Cecil , 72, British stage and screen actor who specialised in playing upper-class twits, including Bertie Wooster in the 1981 BBC show Thank You, PG Wodehouse. He also appeared in the sitcom Romany Jones.
Link: Independent

John Howard Davies

August 22, 2011: John Howard Davies, 72, British child actor who starred as Oliver Twist in the 1948 film, and then became a television director and producer for shows including Fawlty Towers, The Goodies and Mr Bean.
Link: Wikipedia

Annette Charles

August 3, 2011: Annette Charles, 63, US actress best known for her role as Cha Cha in the film musical Grease.
LinK: Sacbee

Michael Cacoyannis

July 25, 2011: Michael Cacoyannis, 90, Greek-Cypriot film-maker whose best known film was 1964's Zorba the Greek.
Link: Wikipedia

Linda Christian

July 22, 2011: Linda Christian, 87, Mexico-born US film actress nicknamed "the atomic bomb" by Life magazine. Born Bianca Rosa Welter, she was once married to Tyrone Power. She was also the first "Bond girl", having starred in a 1950s TV adaptation of Casino Royale.
Link: AFP

Ryan Dunn

June 20, 2011: Ryan Dunn, 34, US performer who performed crazy stunts for the Jackass films, in a car accident.
Link: TMZ

Clarence Clemons

June 18, 2011: Clarence Clemons, 69, US musician and actor who, most famously, played saxophone with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.
Link: CNN

Jeff Conaway

May 27, 2011: Jeff Conaway, 60, US actor who starred in the film Grease and the TV series Taxi and Babylon 5.
Link: Wikipedia

Jackie Cooper

May 3, 2011: Jackie Cooper, 88, US former child star who featured in the Our Gang films.
Link: NY Times

Henry Cooper

May 1, 2001: Henry Cooper, 76, British heavyweight boxing champ best known for knocking down Muhammad Ali.
Link: wikipedia

Warren Christopher

March 18, 2011: Warren Christopher, 85, long-serving US diplomat who was Secretary of State in Bill Clinton's first presidential term.
Link: Wikipedia

Nicholas Courtney

February 22, 2011: William Nicholas Courtney, 81, British actor best known for his recurring role as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in the long-running British sc-fi television series Doctor Who.
Link: Wikipedia

Charlie Callas

January 27, 2011: Charlie Callas, 83, US comedian who was a fixture on talk and variety shows in the 1970s and 80s and appeared in the TV series Switch.
Link: NY Times

John Dye

January 10, 2011: John Dye, 47, US actor whose roles inclluded the Angel of Death in the TV series Touched By An Angel.
Link: PI

Bill Erwin

December 29, 2010: Bill Erwin, 96, American actor who had a long career on the stage and screen, including an appearance on Seinfeld as the grumpy old man, Sid Fields. He was also a regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Link: LA Times

James Dibble

December 13, 2010: James Dibble, 87, longtime newsreader for ABC television in Sydney, Australia. He presented the first ABC TV news bulletin on November 5, 1956, and continued in the role for 27 years.
Link: ABC

Ladislav Demeterffy

November 19, 2010: Ladislav Demeterffy, 77, Croation singer known as Laci or 75 Cents, who competed in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, with vocals on the song Romanca.
Link: Wikipedia

Isabelle Caro

November 17, 2010: Isabelle Caro, 28, French model whose battle with anoxeria -- her weight at one stage dropped to 25kg -- raised concerns in the fashion industry and the wider community. In 2007, she posed naked for billboards highlighting her condition.
Link: Wikipedia

Dino De Laurentiis

November 11, 2010: Agostino "Dino" De Laurentiis, 91, Academy Award-winning Italian film producer, whose movies included La Strada,
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, Mandingo, Three Days of the Condor, Barbarella and Serpico.
Link: Wikipedia

Jill Clayburgh

November 5, 2010: Jill Clayburgh, 66. US stage and screen actress, of chronic leukaemia. Her films included Semi-Tough, I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can and An Unmarried Woman.
Link: NY Times

Stephen J. Cannell

September 30, 2010: Stephen J. Cannell, 69, US television producer and writer, and novelist, whose creations included The Rockford Files, Adam-12, The Greatest American Hero, The A-Team, Wiseguy and 21 Jump Street.
Link: Wikipedia

Tony Curtis

September 29, 2010: Tony Curtis, 85, Hollywood legend, born Bernard Schwartz, known for his roles in Some Like It Hot, The Defiant Ones, The Boston Strangler, Houdini, Operation Petticoat and The Mirror Crack'd. His wives included stars Janet Leigh, mother of their daughter Jamie Lee Cutis.

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