Richard Adler

June 21, 2012: Richard Adler, 90, US composer and lyricist who worked initially partnership with Jerry Ross to write hits beginning with Rags to Riches, which was a 1953 hit for Tony Bennett. They wrote the hit stage musicals The Pajama Game and Damn Yankees before Ross died at just 29 in 1955.
Link: NPR

Ray Bradbury

June 6, 2012: Ray Bradbury, 91, US science-fiction writer whose works includes Farenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes and the Martin Chronicles.
Links: CNN

Warda Aldjazairia

May 17, 2012: Warda Aldjazairia, 72, French-born Algerian singer known for her patriotic songs, who had a huge fanbase in Egypt, where she lived most of her adult life, and throughout the Arab world. Born Warda Fatouki, her assumed name translates as "the Algerian Rose".
Link: AFP

Ronnie Bedford

May 16, 2012: Ronald Bedford, 90, British journalist who was the long-time science editor of the Daily Mirror. He was also a jazz pianist who played in a Parisian house of ill repute, in a US bar during a shooting, and at the South Pole.
Link: Guardian

Edith Bliss

May 3, 2012: Edith Bliss, 53, Australian pop star and television host best known for her appearances on Wonder World and her 1970s hits If It's Love You Want and Heart Of Stone.
Link: Telegraph

Jan Berenstain

February 24, 2012: Jan Berenstain, 88, US author and illustrator who, with her husband Stan, created children's characters including the Berenstain Bears.
Link:" Brisbane Times

Diana Bliss

January 28, 2012: Diana Bliss, 57, Australian theatre producer and wife to businessman Alan Bond.
Link: Telegraph

Ian Abercrombie

January 26, 2012: Ian Abercrombie, 77, English stage and screen actor best known for playing Mr Pitt in Seinfeld, and as Alfred Pennyworth in Birds of Prey.
Link: Wikipedia

Theo Angelopoulos

December 24, 2012: Theo Angelopoulos, 76, Greek film director whose works included The Huntsman, The Beekeeper and Ulysses’ Gaze.
Link: Telegraph

Eve Arnold

January 5, 2012: Eve Arnold, 91, celebrated US photographer with the famous Magnum Agency. Her subjects included Marilyn Monroe, Malcolm X and Queen Elizabeth II.
LinkS: HuffPost; Wikipedia

Israel Baker

December 25, 2011: Israel Baker, 92, classical violinist who played and helped create the Bernard Hermann score on Alfred Hitchcock'a Psycho.
Link: Contact Music

Bob Burnett

December 8, 2011: Bob Burnett, 71, US folk musician with influential 1960s group the Highwaymen.
Link: LA Times

Dev Anand

December 3, 2011: Dev Anand, 84, Bollywood actor once known as "the Adonis of Indian cinema". His films over a 65-career included Guide, Paying Guest,Jewel Thief and the recently released Chargesheet.
Link: BBC

Artie Beetson

December 1, 2011: Arthur "Artie" Beetson, 66, Australian rugby league player and coach, born in Roma, Queensland, of a heart attack while cycling. He was the first indigenous player to captain Australia in any sport.
Link: Wikipedia; Brisbane Times

Frances Bay

September 15, 2011: Frances Bay, 92, Canadian-born US actress who appeared in the TV series Happy Days and Seinfeld, and in films ranging from Happy Gilmore to Blue Velvet.
Link: Washington Post

Nick Ashford

August 22, 2011: Nick Ashford, 70, US Motown songwriter who, with his wife Valerie Simpson, wrote hits including Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Reach Out.
Links: Wikipedia

Roberts Blossom

July 8, 2011: Roberts Blossom, 87, US stage and screen actor best remembered as the old neighbour in Home Alone.
Link: Washington Post

Simon Bond

June 22, 2001; Simon Bond, 63, US-born British cartoonist best known for his book 101 Uses of a Dead Cat.
Link: Independent

Harry Bernstein

June 3, 2011: Harry Bernstein, 101, British-American writer. His first book, The Invisible Wall, was published when he was 96. He worked in film production and as a freelance writer.
Link: Wikipedia

James Arness

June 3, 2011: James Arness, 88, US actor best known for his starring role as Marshal Matt Dillon in the long-running Gunsmoke TV series. The brother of actor Peter Graves, he also appeared in sci-fi films The Thing from Another World and Them!, and How the West Was Won.
Links: Seattle Times; Wikipedia

Jon Blake

May 29, 2011: Paul Jon "Sonny" Blake, 52, New Zealand-born Australian actor, of pneumonia. Considered a rising star whose talents rivalled those of Mel Gibson, Blake, who featured in A Country Practice, The Restless Years, Anzacs, The Lighthorseman and other TV series and films, was totally disabled by a car accident in 1986, and was cared for by his mother, son and volunteers.
Link: news.com.au

Joseph Brooks

May 22, 2011: Joseph Brooks, 73, US songriter whose works include You Light Up My Life, of suicide following allegations against him of sexual assault.
Link: Wikipedia

Seve Ballesteros

May 7, 2011: Severiano Ballesteros, 54, champion Spanish golfer, from a cancerous brain tumour.
Link: Telegraph

Alexander Barykin

March 26, 2011: Alexander Barykin, 59, Russian singer-songwriter who became popular in 1980s, of a heart attack after a concert.
Link: Voice of Russia

Kym Bonython

March 19, 2011: Kym Bonython, 90, Adelaide-based Australian racing-car driver who was also a music promoter and supporter of the visual arts.
Link: ABC

Tommy Burns

February 14, 2011: Tommy Burns, 88, Australian boxer, who was the sport's biggest drawcard in his hey-day in the late 1940s, and had a starring role in the 1949 Charles Chauvel film Sons of Matthew.
Links: Courier-Mail

Peter Alexander

February 13, 2011: Peter Alexander, 84, popular Austrian actor, singer and television host, born Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer.
Link: ABC

John Barry

January 30, 2011: John Barry, 77, British film-music composer who worked on several James Bond films, starting with Dr No, for which he arranged Monty Norman's Bond theme; plus Born Free, Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves.
Link: Guardian

Milton Babbitt

January 29, 2011: Milton Babbitt, 94, US composer and mulit-instrumentalist who became a pioneer of electronic music.
Link: Wikipedia

Aron Abrams

December 25, 2010: Aron Abrams, 50, US television producer whose credits included £rd Rock from the Sun and Everybody Hates Chris, of an apparent heart attack.
Link: E!

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