Penne Hackforth-Jones

May 18, 2013: Penne Hackforth-Jones, 64, Australian actress who starred in TV series and films ranging from Bellbird, Riptide and Mother and Son to Muriel's Wedding.
Link: MSH

Billy Raymond

May 14, 2013: Billy Raymond, 75, Scottish singer and television personality.

Steve Forrest

May 13, 2013: Steve Forrest, 87, US stage and screen actor who starred in the mid-1970s television series S.W.A.T.
Link: Wikipedia

Jeanne Cooper

May 8, 2013: Jeanne Cooper, 84, US actress who played Katherine Chancellor on long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Ray Harryhausen

May 7, 2013: Ray Harryhausen, 92, US stop-motion animator and special effects creator, best known for his work on Jason and the Argonauts, One Million Years BC, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and Clash of the Titans.
Link: NYT

Deanna Durbin

April 2?, 2013: Deanna Durbin, 91, Canadian actress and singer who started performing as a teenager. She was the highest-paid Hollywood star in the late 1940s. Her films included Three Smart Girls, Mad About Music and That Certain Age. In 1949, she quit at the height of her career and moved to rural France.
Link: BBC

George Jones

April 26, 2013: George Jones, 82, US country singer whose hits included Golden Ring, We're Gonna Hold On, and She Thinks I Still care. He was, perhaps, better known for his hard drinking - he once rode a lawnmower 12 miles to get to a liquor store - and his marriage to country superstar Tammy Wynette.
Link: Sabotage Times

Johnny Lockwood

April 25, 2013: Johnny Lockwood, 92, English-born Australian actor best known for his role as deli owner Aldo Godolfusin the 1970s soap opera Number 96. He also appeared in Neighbours and the film Moulin Rouge.
Link: Telegraph

Richie Havens

April 23, 2012: Richie Havens, 72, US singer-songwriter-guitarist best remembered as one of the standouts of the Woodstock festival.
Link: ABC

Chrissy Amphlett

April 21, 2013: Chrissy Amphlet, 53, Australian singer with The Divinyls, of breast cancer. The band's hits included I Touch Myself and Pleasure and Pain.
Link: Herald Sun

Allan Arbus

April 19, 2013: Allan Arbus, 95, American actor best known as the psychiatrist Dr Sidney Freedman on the TV series MASH.
Link: LA Times

Frank Bank

April 13, 2013: Frank Bank, 71, US actor who played Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford on the seminal sitcom Leave It to Beaver, and its belated sequel The New Leave It to Beaver. He also worked as a bonds broker.
Link: Wikipedia

Annette Funicello

April 8, 2013: Annette Funicello,70, US actress best known for her role in The Mickey Mouse Club and her films for teenagers.
Link: NY Times

Margaret Thatcher

April 8, 2013: Margaret Thatcher, 87, former British prime minster who became Baroness Thatcher. Known as the "Iron Lady", she led the Conservative Party from 1975 and was prime minister from 1979 to 1990.
Link: BBC

Roger Ebert

April 4, 2013: Roger Ebert, 70, US film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, author, screenwriter, presenter of At the Movies, blogger, producer.
Links: Sun-Times; Rogerebert.com

Tommy Tycho

April 4, 2013:Tommy Tycho, 84, Hungarian born Australian musician, composer, arranger and conductor, who performed regularly on stage and television.
Link: Wikipedia

Chris Bailey

April 3, 2013: Chris Bailey, 62, Australian musician with rock band The Angels, of cancer.
Link: Australian

Milo O'Shea

April 2, 2013: Milo O'Shea, 86, Irish-born, US-based stage and screen actor best known for the films including Ulysses, Barbarella (playing Durand Durand), The Matchmaker, The Verdict and Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet. On Broadway, he starred in Staircase and Mass Appeal, and he had parts in sitcoms including Cheers and The Golden Girls .
Link: Washington Post

Phil Ramone

March 30, 2013: Phil Ramone, 79, US musician and producer who worked with acts ranging from Frank Sinatra and Bette Middler to Bette Middler, Billy Joel, John Legend and Moby. He often collaborated with Quincy Jones.
Link: USA Today

Richard Griffiths

March 29, 2013: Richard Griffiths, 65, British stage and screen actor, best known for The History Boys, the Pie In the Sky TV series, the Harry Potter movies, Withnail & I and Naked Gun 2 1/2.
Link: Guardian

Harry Reems

March 19, 2013: Harry Reems, 65, actor, born Herbert Streicher, best known for his role as a doctor in the first mainstream porn film, Deep Throat. He quit the adult film industry after only a few pictures and became a real estate agent.
Link: Miami Herald

Frank Thornton

March 16, 2013: Frank Thornton, 92, British actor best known for playing floorwalker Captain Peacock on the sitcom Are You Being Served? He also appeared in Lastof the Summer Wine, The Goodies and Hancock's Half Hour, and the films Carry on Screaming and No Sex Please, We're British.
Link: BBC

Malachi Throne

March 13, 2013: Malachi Throne, 83, US character actor who performed in many TV series including It Takes a Thief, Star Trek and Batman and Robin, where he played Two Face.
Link: HuffPo

Kenny Ball

March 7, 2013: Kenny Ball, 82, English jazz trumpeter whose career stretched over six decades. His band Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen had hits with Samantha and Midnight in Moscow, and he was a popular regular on the duo Morecambe and Wise television show.
Link: BBC

Stompin' Tom Connors

March 6, 2013: Charles Thomas "Stompin' Tom" Connors, 77, Canadian singer-songwriter.
Link: Wikipedia

Peter Harvey

March 2, 2013: Peter Harvey, 68, Australian journalist who covered the Vietnam war for Newsweek and won awards at The Guardian, but was best remembered as the Nine network's Canberra correspondent and, later for his role reading viewers' mail on Australia's version of 60 Minutes.
Link: Australian

Bonnie Franklin

March 1, 2013: Bonnie Franklin, 69, US stage and screen actress best known for the TV sitcom One Day at a Time. She also directed episodes of the shows Charles in Charge and Munsters Today.
Link: THR

Ray Cusick

February 21, 2013: Ray Cusick, 84, British designer who devised the look of the Daleks for the BBC TV series Doctor Who.
Link: Economist

Richard Briers

February 17, 2013: Richard Briers, 79, British stage and screen actor best known as Tom in the 1970 sitcom The Good Life. He also appeared in the TV series Monarch of the Glen and on stage as Lear, Richard III and Hamlet, and in farces by Alan Ayckbourn and Ray Cooney.
Link: Guardian

Elspet Gray

February 18, 2013: Elspet Jean Gray, 83, British actress best known for her roles in the TV series Solo and Catweazle. She also had parts in Fawlty Towers, The Black Adder, Doctor Who and the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. With her husband, Brian Rix, she was deeply involved in charity work, especially with people with Down syndrome.
Link: Wikipedia

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