William May

December 31, 2009: William "Billy" May, US-born Australian dancer and theatrical producer whose credits included the Walking With Dinosaurs arena show.
Link: Undercover

Rowland S Howard

December 30, 2009: Rowland S Howard, 50, Australian guitarist with the band The Birthday Party, of liver cancer.
Link: news.com.au

Yves Rocher

December 26, 2009: Yves Rocher, 79, French cosmetics tycoon described by French President Nicolas Sarkozy as "a great French industrialist, inventor of plant-based cosmetics and pioneer of mail order retail".

Vic Chesnutt

December 25, 2009: Vic Chesnutt, 45, US singer-songwriter whose songs were also performed by Madonna, the Indigo Girls, Smashing Pumpkins an REM. Paralyzed since an accident at age 18, he reportedly took an overdose of muscle relaxant.
Links: LA Times; Times

George Michael

December 24, 2009: George Michael, 70, popular US television sportscaster with Washington DC station WRC TV whose show The George Michael Sports Machine was syndicated across the US for 27 years.
Link: CNN

Tim Hart

December 24, 2009: Tim Hart, 66, British folk musician, of lung cancer. He performed in a duo with Maddy Prior and was a founder member of the band Steeleye Span.
Link: Herald

Mick Cocks

December 22, 2009: Mick Cocks, Australian musician who, with Gary "Angr" Anderson, founded rock band Rose Tattoo.
Link: ABC

Brittany Murphy

December 20, 2009: Brittany Murphy, 32, US actress who starred in Clueless and Sin City, and voiced characters on King of the Hill and Happy Feet.
Link: TMZ

Arnold Stang

December 20, 2009: Arnold Stang, 91, US actor who provided the voice for the title character in the cartoon series Top Cat. He also appeared in the films The Man with the Golden Arm and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad,World.
Link: Examiner

Connie Hines

December 18, 200: Connie Hines, 79, US actress best known for playing Wilbur's wife, Carol Post, in television's Mr Ed.
Link: Mercury

Jennifer Jones

December 17, 2009: Jennifer Jones, 90, US actress born Phylis Lee Isley, who starred in films including The Song of Bernadette, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing and Farewell to Arms.
Link: CNN

Dan O'Bannon

December 17, 2009: Dan O'Bannon, 61, US screenwriter of Alien and Total Recall fame.
Link: ABC

Alaina Reed-Amini

December 17, 2009: Alaina Reed-Amini, 63, US stage and screen actress who starred in the TV comedy 227 and as Olivia Robinson in Sesame Street. She had breast cancer.
Links: CNN

Roy Disney

December 16, 2009: Roy E. Disney, 79, former Walt Disney Co. executive and large shareholder in the company founded by his uncle Walt and father Roy. O. Disney.

Gene Barry

December 10, 2009: Gene Barr, 90, US actor who starred in the TV series Bat Masterson and Burke's Law.

Su Cruickshank

December 8, 2009: Su Cruickshank, 63, Australian jazz singer, comic and actress who starred in Young Einstein.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov

December 4, 2009: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, 81, renowned Russian film actor.

Eddie Fatu

December 4, 2009: Eddie "Umga" Fatu, 36, US professional wrestler, of a heart attack.
Links: Fox Sports

Richard Todd

December 3, 2009: Richard Todd, 90, Irish-British stage and screen actor born Richard Andrew Palethorpe-Todd, best known as star of The Dam Busters.
Links: Wikipedia

Eric Woolfson

December 2, 2009: Eric Woolfson, musician with the Alan Parsons Project.

Ken Ober

November 15, 2009: Ken Ober, 52, US comedian and host of MTV game show Remote Control. He was also a producer of the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine.
Links: CNN

Edward Woodward

November 15, 2009: Edward Woodward, 79, British stage and screen actor who starred in the TV series Callan and the films The Wicker Man and Breaker Morant.
Links: Guardian

Paul Wendkos

November 12, 2009: Paul Wendkos , 87, US director whose films included the 1959 teen surf hit Gidget, The Legend of Lizzie Borden, A Woman Named Moses and Guns of the Magnificent Seven.
Links: ABC

David Lloyd

November 10, 2009: David Lloyd, 75, US sitcom writer whose credits included Cheers, Frasier, Rhoda, Taxi, Lou Grant and the much-loved and lauded "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Links: BBC

Joe Maross

November 7, 2009: Joe Maross, 86, US stage, TV and film actor. He featured in many series including The Rockford Files, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone and Murder She Wrote.
Links: Variety

Vic Davies

November 7, 2009: Vic Davies, 55, Australian radio announcer, of lung cancer. With Mal Lees, he formed the popular duo "Club Veg" for Sydney stations 2SM and Triple M.
Links: news.com.au

Claude Levi-Strauss

November 3, 209: Claude Levi-Strauss, 100, French anthropologist, intellectual and author whose books included Tristes Tropiques, The Savage Mind and The Raw and the Cooked.
Links: BBC

Carl Ballantine

November 3, 2009: Carl Ballantine, 92, US magician and actor who starred as Lester Gruber in the TV series McHale's Navy, in movies including Speedway and Mr Saturday Night and in a 1971 stage revivial of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.
Links: Variety

Norman Painting

October 28, 2009: Norman Painting, 85, British actor who played the role of Phil in BBC radio serial The Archers for a record 59 years.
Links: Guardian

Soupy Sales

October 22, 2009: Soupy Sales, 83, US slapstick comedian, born Milton Supman. On his eponymous television show he specialised in cream-pie fights with celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Mickey Rooney, Sammy Davis Jr and Burt Lancaster. He continued to work in TV and films until 2005.
Links: LA Times

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