Ronnie Biggs

December 18, 2013: Ronnie Biggs, 84, British criminal known for the "Great Train Robbery", his escape from prison and life on the run, mainly in Brazil.
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Mark "Chopper" Read

October 9, 2013: Mark "Chopper" Read, 58, Australian criminal and author, of liver cancer. Read claimed to be involved in 19 murders. He was the subject of the 2000 film Chopper, starring Eric Bana.
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Jack Kevorkian

June 3, 2011: Jacob "Jack" Kevorkian, 83, US right-to-die activist who spent eight years in jail for assisting a suicide.
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Bobby Spillane

July 10, 2010: Robert "Bobby" Spillane, 45, son of legendary New York gangster Mickey Spillane, actor and author of a play about a cross-dressing mobster. He fell from an apartment building.
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Carl Williams

April 19, 2010: Carl Williams, 39, notorious Australian gangland figure, murdered in jail by a fellow inmate.
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Walter Frederick Morrison

February 9, 2010: Walter Frederick Morrison, 90, American inventor whose Pluto Platter flying-disc toy went on to become a global phenomenon under the name Frisbee.
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Yves Rocher

December 26, 2009: Yves Rocher, 79, French cosmetics tycoon described by French President Nicolas Sarkozy as "a great French industrialist, inventor of plant-based cosmetics and pioneer of mail order retail".

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

August 11, 2009: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 88, sister of President John F. Kennedy and Senators Edward and Robert Kennedy, champion of the disabled and founder of the Special Olympics.
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Henry Allingham

July 18, 2009: Henry Allingham, 113, the world's oldest man and one of the last surviving British World War I veterans. He jokingly described the secret to longevity as "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women".
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Millvina Dean

May 31, 2009: Millvina Dean, 97, the last survivor of the Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912. She was nine weeks old at the time of the disaster, in which her father was one of the 1517 vicitms.
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Mehmet Aygün

January ?, 2009: Mahmut Aygun, 87, Berlin-based Turk who created the doner kebab, by putting meat inside pitta bread.
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Nancy Bird Walton

January 13, 2009: Nancy Bird Walton, 93, pioneering Australian aviator.
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Yves Saint Laurent

June 1, 2008: Yves Saint Laurent, 71, iconic French fashion designer. After learning his trade from Christian Dior, Laurent opened his own fashion house in the swinging Sixties and helped define style in the second part of the 20th Century.
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Dougie Hayward

April 26, 2008: Dougie Hayward, British "tailor to the stars" whose clients included Michael Caine, Terence Stamp and Tony Bennett. He was said to have inspired the title character in the film Alfie and author John Le Carre's Tailor of Panama.
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Paul W. Tibbets Jr

November 1, 2007: Brigadier General Paul W. Tibbets Jr, 92, US pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshia, Japan, hastening the end of World War II. His plane, Enola Gay, was named after his mother.
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Yone Minagawa

August 13, 2007: Yone Minagawa, 114, Japanese woman recognised as the world's oldest person, of old age.
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Tammy Faye Messner

July 21, 2007: Tammy Faye Messner, also known as Tammy Faye Bakker, televangelist, 65, of colon cancer. With former husband Jim Bakker, she built up a multi-million evangelic enterprise. She supported Bakker after he admitted infidelities but divorced him after he went to prison for fraud, and later married Roe Messner.
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Harry Melbourne

January 28, 2007: Harry Melbourne, 94, Australian confectionery factory worker who invented the Freddo Frog chocolate.
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