Ian Paisley

September 12, 2014: Ian Paisley, 88, former first minister of Northern Ireland and longtime leader of the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party.
Link: CNN

Tony Benn

March 14, 2014: Tony Benn, 88, British politician who renounced his peerage and became a champion of the Left of the Labour Party.
Link: BBC

Ariel Sharon

January 11, 2014: Ariel Sharon, 85, 11th prime minister of Israel, born Ariel Scheinermann, who died after a long period in a coma following a stroke.
Link: Wikipedia

Nelson Mandela

December 5, 2013: Nelson Mandela: South African president, and former opposition leader who helped bring down a racist regime in south Africa.
Link: BBC

Margaret Thatcher

April 8, 2013: Margaret Thatcher, 87, former British prime minster who became Baroness Thatcher. Known as the "Iron Lady", she led the Conservative Party from 1975 and was prime minister from 1979 to 1990.
Link: BBC

Norman Schwarzkopf

December 27, 2012: Norman Schwarzkopf, 78, US general who was Commander of Central Command, and led coalition forces in the Gulf War.
Link: Wikipedia

George Tupou V

March 18, 2012: George Tupou V, 63, the King of Tonga. Ruler of the Pacific island nation since 2006, he introduced democratic reforms. He died in hospital in Hong Kong.
Link: SMH

Margaret Whitlam

March 17, 2012: Margaret Whitlam, 92, Australian "living treasure", social-justice campaigner, arts patron, journalist, champion swimmer and former First Lady. She married Gough Whitlam in 1942 and was appointed an officer of the Order of Australia in 1983.
Link: Courier-Mail

Vaclav Havel

December 18, 2011: Václav Havel, 75, Czech poet and playwright who became president of the Czech Republic in 1993 after the separation of Czechoslovakia.
Link: Wikipedia

Kim Jong-il

December 17, 2011: Kim Jong-il, 69, North Korean leader born Yuri Irsenovich Kim. He reportedly died on a train of a heart attack. He led the nation since the death of his father Kim Il Sung in 1994.
Link: BBC; Wikipedia

Otto von Habsbur

July 4, 2011: Otto von Habsbur, 98, former Archduke of Austria and Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary.
Link: Wikipedia

Geraldine Ferraro

March 26, 2011: Geraldine Ferraro, 75, former Democratic party member of Congress who became the first woman to run for vice president of the US.

Warren Christopher

March 18, 2011: Warren Christopher, 85, long-serving US diplomat who was Secretary of State in Bill Clinton's first presidential term.
Link: Wikipedia

Robert Byrd

June 28, 2010 Robert Byrd, 92, longest-serving US senator, in office for 51 years. A Democrat, he was briefly a member of the Ku Klux Klan and he joined Southern Democrats in an unsuccessful filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Link BBC

Dorothy Height

April 20, 2010: Dr Dorothy Height, 98, pioneering US civil rights activist. President Barack Obama described her as "the godmother of the civil rights movement" and a hero to Americans.
Link: BBC

Benjamin L. Hooks

April 15, 2010: Benjamin L. Hooks, 85, former longtime head of the US National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Eugene Terre'Blanche

April 3, 2010: Eugene Terre'Blanche, 79, leader of the South African white supremacist group, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement.
Link: SMH

Sonia McMahon

April 2, 2010: Lady (Sonia) McMahon, 77, widow of former Australian prime minister Sir William McMahon, and prominent socialite, of cancer.
Link: ABC

Michael Foot

March 3, 2010: Michael Foot, 96, former British Labour party leader. He was first elected to Parliament in 1945 and led the party from 1980-83.
Link: Telegraph

Winston Churchill

March 2, 2010: Winston Churchill, 69, British journalist and Conservative MP, the grandson and namesake of the World War II prime minister.
Links: Times

Alexander Haig

February 20, 2010: Alesander Haig, 85, US Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan.
Link: Times

Charlie Wilson

February 10, 2010: Charlie Wilson, 76, former Texas congressman whose funding of Afghanistan's resistance to the USSR was chronicled in the Tom Hanks film Charlie Wilson's War.
Link: Houston Chronicle

Ted Kennedy

August 25, 2009: Edward Kennedy, 77, US Senator and brother of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, of a brain tumour. A key Democrat who pushed important legislation, his presidential ambiitons were thwarted when, in 1969, he drove a car off a bridge at Chappaquiddick. His passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, died.
Links: CNN

Corazon Aquino

July 31, 2009: Corazon Aquino, 76, former President of Philippines who led a "people power" revolution that replaced dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
Links: BBC

Mark Felt

December 18, 2008: Mark Felt, 95, White House official, codenamed "Deep Throat", who blew the whistle to reporter Bob Woodward on US president Richard Nixon's dirty tricks in the Watergate affair.
Links: CNN

Brian Keenan

May 21, 2008: Brian Keenan, 66, Irish republican and guerrilla strategist, of cancer.
Links: Guardian


January 27, 2008: Sunharto, 86, former president of Indonesia.
Links: NY Times

Benazir Bhutto

December 27, 2007: Benazir Bhutto, 54, former Pakistani prime minister, assassinated at a political rally. Many others also died when the gunman blew himself up.
Links: BBC; CNN

Charles Court

December 22, 2007: Sir Charles Court, 97, former premier of Western Australia, and father of former WA premier Richard Court.
Links: ABC

Clem Jones

December 15, 2007: Clem Jones, 89, visionary long-serving lord mayor of Brisbane, Australia. Jones was also in charge of rebuilding Darwin in 1975 in the wake of Cyclone Tracy.
Links: Courier-Mail; ABC

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