Conrad Bain

January 14, 2013: Conrad Bain, 89, US stage and screen actor best known for his roles in the sitcoms Maude and Diff'rent Strokes.
Link: Wikipedia

Bille Brown

January 13, 2013: Bille Brown, 61, stage and screen actor, director and playwright from Biloela, Queensland, Australia. He worked with the major Australian theatre companies, the Royal Shakespeare Company and in New York; and on film and stage with British comedian John Cleese.
Links: SMH; Courier-Mail; Brisbane Times

Patti Page

January 1, 2013: Patti Page, 85, US singer whose hits included Tennessee Waltz and How Much is that Doggie in the Window.
Link: BBC

Gerry Anderson

December 26, 2012: Gerry Anderson, 83, British writer and producer remembers for his marionette-based science-fiction TV series, including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons, and the live-action series Space 1999.
Link: Wikipedia

Charles Durning

December 24, 2012: Charles Durning, 89, US character actor who had roles on stage and screen. He starred in films including Dog Day Afternoon and The Sting, and won a Golden Globe for his role in the TV film The Kennedys of Massachusetts and a Tony for playing Big Daddy the acclaimed Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Link: NPR

Jack Klugman

December 24, 2012: Jack Klugman, 90, US actor best known as Oscar in the television series The Odd Couple and the title character in Quincy ME. He was also Juror No. 5 in the film Twelve Angry Men.
Links: Wikipedia; ABC 13

Ravi Shankar

December 12, 2012: Ravi Shankar, 92, Indian sitar legend.
Links: BBC

Patrick Moore

December 9, 2012: Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, 89, British astronomer who became the star of BBC's The Sky at Night – the world's longest-running television program with the same host.
Link: Wikipedia; BBC

Oscar Niemeyer

December 5, 2012; Oscar Niemeyer, 104, Brazilian architect whose designs can be seen across Europe, the US and South America.
Link: Wikipedia

Dave Brubeck

December 5, 2012: Dave Brubeck, 91, US jazz composer and pianist.
Lik: Wikipedia

Larry Hagman

November 23, 2012: Larry Hagman, 81, US actor best known for playing an astronaut in the late-1960s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, and as the villainous but somehow lovable JR Ewing in the prime-time soap opera Dallas. Set amid the oil industry in Texas, Dallas had only just been revived. Hagman was the son of Broadway star Mary Martin.
Link: Dallas News

Bryce Courtenay

November 22, 2012: Bryce Courtenay, 79, South African-born Australian author of bestsellers including The Power of One.
Link: SMH

Clive Dunn

November 6, 2012: Clive Dunn, 92, character actor best known as Corporal Jones in the British sitcom Dad's Army. He also had a novelty hit single, Grandad, and a children's TV show of the same name. As Jones, he was known for the catchphrases "Don't panic!" and "They don't like it up 'em."
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Jaspal Bhatti

October 25, 2012: Jaspal Bhatti, 57, India's most famous Sikh comedian and televsion host, in a car accident.
Link: National

Michael Marra

October 23, 2012: Michael Marra, 60, Scottish singer-songwriter who was popular as a solo performer and with bands including Skeets Boliver. He also wrote extensively for the theatre.
Link: Wikipedia; BBC

Sylvia Kristel

October 18, 2012: Sylvia Kristel, 60, Dutch actress who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, of cancer. She also featured in several sequels, and the films Lady Chatterly's Lover and Mata Hari.
Link: BBC

John Clive

October 15, 2012: John Clive, 79, British writer and actor who starred in The Italian Job, A Clockwork Orange and several Carry On films, and provided the voice of John Lennon for Yellow Submarine.
Link: BBC

Gary Collins

October 13, 2012: Gary Collins, 74, US actor in TV anf films, including Airport, and 1980s host of the Miss America pageant.
Link: ABC

Alex Karras

October 10, 2012: Alex Karras, 77, US professional footballer with the NFL who became an actor in the film Blazing Saddles and the TV series Webster.
Link: CNN

Ahmed Ramzy

September 28, 2012: Ahmed Ramzy, 82, popular Egyptian actor of the 1950s, 60s and 70s who specialised in playboy roles.
Link: Ahram Online

Herbert Lom

September 27, 2012: Herbert Lom, 95, Czech-born British actor best know for starring alongside Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films, playing Charles Dreyfus.
Links: BBC

Andy Williams

September 25, 2012: Andy Williams, 84, US crooner and television host whose most famous song was Moon River. The Andy Williams Show ran on US television from 1962 to 1971, and featured acts ranging from Judy Garland to Elton John.
Link: NY Times

Derek Jameson

September 12, 2012: Derek Jameson, 82, British tabloid journalist who was born into poverty but went on to edit three national newspapers and hosted a popular breakfast show on BBC Radio 2.
Link: Guardian

Dorothy McGuire

September 7, 2012: Dorothy McGuire, 84, US singer, a member of popular group The McGuire Sisters.
Link: Wikipedia

Michael Clarke Duncan

September 3, 2012: Michael Clarke Duncan, 54, US actor best known for his role as a wrongly convicted man with supernatural powers in The Green Mile. He also starred in the TV series The Finder.
Link: CNN

Sun Myung Moon

September 3, 2012: Sun Myung Moon, 92, Korean leader of the Unification Church, whose adherents were known as "The Moonies". He was renowned for conducting mass weddings of couples who had often only just met each other.
Link: Telegraph

Hal David

September 1, 2012: Hal David, 91, American lyricist best known for his collaboration with composer Burt Bacharach. Hewrote songs for Marty Robbins, Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, Dusty Springfield, B. J. Thomas, Gene Pitney, Tom Jones and others. Hits included Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head, This Guy's in Love with You, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, Do You Know the Way to San Jose, Walk on By and I Say a Little Prayer.
Link: Wikipedia

Max Bygraves

September 1, 2012: Max Bygraves, 89, British variety entertainer remembered for his stage and television appearances and his catchphrase. "I want to tell you a story." He was also a popular cabaret star in Australia, and in 2005 he moved to Queensland's Gold Coast, where he died.
Link: Chortle; SMH

Jerry Nelson

August 23, 2012: Jerry Nelson, 78, US pupeteer who worked with Jim Henson on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. His characters included Count von Count, Mr Snuffleupagus and Camilla the Chicken. he also played the central character Gobo on Fraggle Rock.
Link: Wikipedia

Phyllis Diller

August 20, 2012: Phyllis Diller, 95, US standup comic, musician, and TV and film actress who paved the way for women on the comedy circuit. She appeared alongside Bob Hope in the films Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! and Eight on the Lam. She was also in the 1961 film Splendor in the Grass and voiced a character in the 1998 animated movie A Bug's Life.
Link: USA Today

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