Anna Nicole Smith

February 8, 2007: Anna Nicole Smith, 39, former nude model who married Texas oil billionaire J Howard Marshall II in 1995 when she was 26 and he was 89. She went on to star in a reality TV show, to battle Marshall's son for his wealth, fight a disputed paternity case, and to see the tragic death of her son at age 20.
Links: BBC; CNN.

Eric von Schmidt

February 2, 2007: Eric von Schmidt, 75, US artist and guitarist who influenced folk legend Bob Dylan. He is best remembered for the song Joshua Gone Barbados.
Links: CNN

Sidney Sheldon

January 30, 207: Sidney Sheldon, 89, American television writer and producer, and best-selling author.
Links: CNN

Iwao Takamoto

January 8, 2007: Iwao Takamoto, 81, Japanese-American animator who created characters including Gizmo for The Flintstones, Muttley for Wacky Races and, most famously, Scooby-Doo and his friends. He also directed the 1973 cartoon feature Charlotte's Web, and worked on early animated films for the Walt Disney company.
Links: ABC; International Herald Times

Frank Stanton

December 25, 2006: Frank Stanton, 98, US television pioneer. Stanton built up the CBS television network, defended the right to free speech and fought against quiz-show corruption.
Links: LA Times; BBC

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