Donald Sinden

September 11, 2014: Sir Donald Sinden, 90, British stage and screen actor whose work ranged fro, Shakespeare to sitcoms.
Link: Guardian

Peter Sculthorpe

August 8, 2014: Peter Sculthorpe, 85, Internationally renowned Australian composer whose classical compositions were inspired by the Australian landscape.
Links: ABC; Guardian

Elaine Stritch

July 17. 2014: Elaine Stritch, 89, US Broadway legend who also appeared in Woody Allen films and in the sitcom 30 Rock, and in the British series Two's Company.

Alfredo di Stefano

July 7, 2014: Alfredo di Stefano, 88, Argentine-Spanish footfall player and coach who is regarded among the greatest players of the code. He was a longtime star of Real Madrid, and helped win five European Cup championships.
Links: Wikipedia; Guardian

Sue Townsend

April 10, 2014: Sue Townsend, 68, British writer best known for her Adrian Mole diaries, which were made into a popular TV series.

Lorenzo Semple Jr

March 28, 2014: Lorenzo Semple Jr, 91, Hollywood screenwriter best remembered for the 1960s Batman TV series. He also cowrote screenplays for Papillon, Never Say Never Again and Three Days of the Condor, and co-starred in an online series Reel Geezers.
Links: LA Times

Maria von Trapp

February 18, 2014: Maria von Trapp, 99, last surviving member of the Austrian-American group, the Trapp Family Singers, whose escape from Nazi Europe inspired the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. Her character's name in the musical was Louisa.
Link: BBC

Shirley Temple

February 10, 2014: Shirley Temple Black, 85, American child star whose 43 movies included Curly Tip and Bright Eyes. She won an Oscar at age 6, but did not continue as an actress in her adult life. She later became a US diplomat.
Link: BBC

Maximilian Schell

February 1, 2014: Maximilian Schell, 83, Austrian actor who won an Academy Award for his role in Judgment at Nuremberg. He also starred in Julia and The Man in the Glass Booth.
Links: AP; Wikipedia

Pete Seeger

January 27, 2014: Pete Seeger, 94, American folk singer who performed as a solo artist and with The Weavers. His hits include Goodnight, Irene, If I Had a Hammer, Where Have all the Flowers Gone, and Turn, Turn, Turn.
Link: Wikipedia

Suchitra Sen

January 17, 2014: Suchitra Sen, 82, actress often referred to as "India's Greta Garbo", because she quit at the height of her career. She starred in 57 Bengali and seven Hindi films.
Link: National

Ariel Sharon

January 11, 2014: Ariel Sharon, 85, 11th prime minister of Israel, born Ariel Scheinermann, who died after a long period in a coma following a stroke.
Link: Wikipedia

Farooq Sheikh

December 27, 2013: Farooq Sheikh, 65, Indian actor and star of Bollywood films.
Link: National

John Tavener

November 12, 2013: Sir John Tavener, 69, British composer whose music was informed by his Russian Orthodox Christian faith. He was a direct descendant of the 16th century composer John Taverner.
Link: Guardian

Lou Scheimer

October 17, 2103: Lou Scheimer, 84, US television producer whose Filmation studios created the Archie and Star Trek series and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
Link: NY Times

Helen Thomas

July 20, 2013: Helen Thomas, 92, US journalist and White House correspondent who covered every president from Kennedy to Obama.
Link: CNN

Mel Smith

July 19, 2013: Mel Smith, 60, British comedian, actor and director who starred in Not the Nine O'Clock News and Alas Smith and Jones, alongside Griff Rhys Jones. He also directed the films The Tall Guy and Bean. With Jones he started the production company Talk Back, which made comedies including Smack the Pony, Da Ali G Show, I'm Alan Partridge and Big Train.
Links: Wikipedia; Independent

Bert Stern

June 26, 2013: Bert Stern, 83, US celebrity photographer best known for his series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe shortly before she died.
Link: BBC

Jeffrey Smart

June 20, 2013: Jeffrey Smart, 91, Australian artist, art critic, teacher and author known for his urban landscapes. He lived in Italy from 1963 until his death.
Link: ABC

Jean Stapleton

May 31, 2013: Jean Stapleton, 90, US stage and screen actress best known for playing Edith Bunker in the popular sitcom All in the Family.
Link: NPR

Margaret Thatcher

April 8, 2013: Margaret Thatcher, 87, former British prime minster who became Baroness Thatcher. Known as the "Iron Lady", she led the Conservative Party from 1975 and was prime minister from 1979 to 1990.
Link: BBC

Tommy Tycho

April 4, 2013:Tommy Tycho, 84, Hungarian born Australian musician, composer, arranger and conductor, who performed regularly on stage and television.
Link: Wikipedia

Frank Thornton

March 16, 2013: Frank Thornton, 92, British actor best known for playing floorwalker Captain Peacock on the sitcom Are You Being Served? He also appeared in Lastof the Summer Wine, The Goodies and Hancock's Half Hour, and the films Carry on Screaming and No Sex Please, We're British.
Link: BBC

Malachi Throne

March 13, 2013: Malachi Throne, 83, US character actor who performed in many TV series including It Takes a Thief, Star Trek and Batman and Robin, where he played Two Face.
Link: HuffPo

Tony Sheridan

February 16, 2013: Tony Sheridan, 72, British musicians who briefly performed with The Beatles.
Link: HuffPo

Haydn Sargent

February 14, 2013: Haydn Sargent, 77, Australian radio and television presenter, who had a popular talkback program on Brisbane's 4BC in the 1970s and 80s.
Link: Courier-Mail

Robin Sachs

February 5, 2013: Robin Sachs, 61, British actor who appeared in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Torchwood: Miracle Day, and in the film Galaxy Quest.
Link: BBC

Norman Schwarzkopf

December 27, 2012: Norman Schwarzkopf, 78, US general who was Commander of Central Command, and led coalition forces in the Gulf War.
Link: Wikipedia

Ravi Shankar

December 12, 2012: Ravi Shankar, 92, Indian sitar legend.
Links: BBC

Tony Scott

August 19, 2012: Tony Scott, 68, British-born Hollywood director whose films included Top Gun and Days of Thunder. He was the brother of director Ridley Scott. Police said he jumped from a bridge in Los Angeles, and a suicide note was later found in his office.
Link: NYT

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