Mikhail Pugovkin

July 25, 2008: Mikhail Pugovkin, 85, Russian actor who specialised in comedic roles and made more than 100 films.

Sydney Pollack

May 26, 2008: Sydney Pollack, 73, US film director, of cancer. His movies include The Way We Were, Tootsie, Out of Africa and They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, and he worked with A-list stars including Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, Barbra Streisand and Warren Beatty.
Links: NY Times

Nuala O'Faolain

May 10, 2008: Nuala O'Faolain, 68, Irish author, intellectual, journalist, arts critic and media commentator, of cancer.
Links: Guardian

Dith Pran

March 30, 2008: Dith Pran, 65, Cambodian photojournalist whose story was told in the film The Killing Fields, of cancer. After escaping torture in Cambodia, he went on to work at The New York Times.
Links: NY Times

Emily Perry

February x, 2008: Emily Perry, 100, actress who played Dame Edna Everage's bridesmaid, Madge.
Links: Courier-Mail, BBC

Suzanne Pleshette

January 19, 2008: Suzanne Pleshette, 70, US stage and screen actress who starred in teen movies and Alfred Hitchcok's The Birds in the 1960s and in The Bob Newhart Show in the 1970s.
Links: CNN

Oscar Peterson

December 23?, 2007: Oscar Peterson, 82, Canadian jazz pianist. He worked with all the greats, including Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington, and formed a famous trio with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis.
Links: CNN

Matt Price

November 25, 2007: Matt Price, 46, journalist with The Australian newspaper, of a brain tumour. Price, formerly a reporter with Channel 9, wrote on politics and sport.
Links: ABC; The Australian

Tose Proeski

October 16, 2007: Tose Proeski, 26, Macedonian pop star, in a car crash. He started his career at 15 and released his first album at age 18. He represented his country in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.
Links: Washington Post

Luciano Pavarotti

September 6, 2007: Luciano Pavarotti, 71, Italian opera star, of pancreatic cancer. Pavarotti, who was mentored by Dame Joan Sutherland, became the world's favourite tenor and help re-popularise opera. He filled concert halls and stadiums the world over on his own and as one of the Three Tenors.
Links: Showbritz, CNN

Bill Pinkney

July 4, 2007: Bill Pinkney, 81, last original member of US vocal group The Drifters. He was a World War II veteran and pitcher for the New York Blue Sox baseball team before joining The Drifters, who had hits with Under the Boardwalk, Save the Last Dance For Me and White Christmas.
Links: CNN

Bobby "Boris" Pickett

April 25, 2007: Bobby "Boris" Pickett, 69, US singer-songwriter who had a smash hit with the novelty song Monster Mash, in which he impersonated horror film star Boris Karloff.
Links: LA Times

Brant Parker

April 15, 2007: Brant Parker, 86, US cartoonist who co-created The Wizard of Id strip with Johnny Hart (who predeceased him by eight days). Parker served in the US Navy in the 1940s and 50s, and began work as a cartoonist with the Disney company.
Links: CNN

Maurice Papon

February 13, 2007: Maurice Papon, 96, French civil servant who became a Nazi collaborator during World War II. Evidence against him did not come to light until the 1980s and he was jailed in 1998 for complicity in crimes against humanity.
Links: ABC; BBC

Carlo Ponti

January 10, 2007: Carlo Ponti, 94, Italian film producer and husband of screen siren Sophia Loren. His films included the Academy Award-winning La Strada and Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
Links: ABC; Chicago Tribune.

Denis Payton

December 17, 2006: Denis Payton, 63, British rock musician who played saxophone, guitar and harmonica, and sang backup vocals for the Dave Clark Five.
Links: CNN; BBC

Taliep Petersen

December 16, 2006: Taliep Petersen, 56, South African theatre personality, shot and killed during a home invasion. Petersen produced and directed stage musicals in his home country and abroad, including New York and London.
Links: BBC; Wikipedia

Augusto Pinochet

December 10, 2006: Augusto Pinochet, 91, former Chilean military dictator.
Links: BBC; Wikipedia

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