Arlene Martel

August 12, 2014: Arlene Martel, 74, US actress who appeared in Tv series Hogan's Heroes, The Man from UNCLE, The Twilight Zone, Bewitched, and famously as Mr Spock's Vulcan betrothed T'Pring in Star Trek.
Link: BBC

JJ Murphy

August 11, 2014: JJ Murphy, 84, Northern Irish stage and screen actor whose career ranged from the Belfast theatre to the TV blockbuster Game of Thrones.
Link: Independent

Ed Nelson

August 9, 2014: Ed Nelson, 84, US actor best known for his role as a doctor in the television soap opera Peyton Place. He also appeared in Rawhide, Gunsmoke and Murder, She Wrote.
Link: CNN

Paul Mazursky

June 30, 2014: Paul Mazursky, 84, US actor, screenwriter and director whose works included Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
Link: EW

Rik Mayall

June 9, 2014: Rik Mayall, 56, British comedian and actor best known for his starring roles in The Young Ones, The New Statesman and Bottom, and the film Drop Dead Fred, and his guest roles as Flashheart and Mad Gerald in Blackadder.
Link: BBC; Wikipedia

Bernard "Doc" Neeson

June 4, 2014: Doc Neeson, 67, Belfast-born Australian vocalist, musician and songwriter with rock band The Angels. The band's hits included No Secrets, Take A Long Line and Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?
Links: Wikipedia; The Australian

Doug Murray

March 11, 2014: Doug Murray, 63, Australian television personality. Beginning as a rural reporter for the ABC, Murray became the mainstay of Brisbane's Extra local affairs program.
Link: a href="My tribute to Queensland television's Doug Murray. http://mansomewhere.debritz.net/node/223" target="new">mansomewhere.com

Dave Madden

January 16, 2014: Dave Madden, 82, canadian actor best known as band manager Reuben Kincaid in The Partridge Family. he was also a regular on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, appeared in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and wrote memoirs.
Link: TMZ

Nelson Mandela

December 5, 2013: Nelson Mandela: South African president, and former opposition leader who helped bring down a racist regime in south Africa.
Link: BBC

Ahmed Fouad Negm

December 3, 2013: Ahmed Fouad Negm, 84, Egyptian poet who wrote in vernacular Arabic and was hailed as the hero of the underclass.
Link: NY Times

Hal Needham

October 25, 2103: Hal Needham, 82, US film stuntman who went from being Burt Reynolds' double to the director of action comedies such as Cannonball Run, Hooper and Smokey and the Bandit.
Link: Hollywood Reporter

Cory Monteith

July 13: Cory Monteith, 31, Canadian actor, of a suspected drug overdose. He was best known for his role in the hit US series Glee.
Link: USA Today

Bernadette Nolan

July 4, 2013: Bernadette "Bernie" Nolan, 52, Irish-born UK television star and lead singer with The Nolans, of cancer.
Link: Wikipedia

Richard Matheson

June 23, 2013: Richard Matheson, 87, US science-fiction author whose works included I Am Legend, The Shrinking Man, the screenplay for the Steven Spielberg film Duel and the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.
Link: Guardian

Ray Manzarek

May 20, 2013: Ray Manzarek, 74, US musicians who cofounded The Doors with Jim Morrison. The band's had hits including The End, Break on Through to the Other Side. Light My Fire, and Riders on the Storm.
Link: BBC

Mindy McCready

February 16, 2013: Mindy McCready, 37, US country singer,of Guys Di It All the Time fame, found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, a month after the death of her partner, David Wilson, 34, in similar circumstances.
Link: CNN

Christopher Martin-Jenkins

January 1, 2012: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, 67, British cricket journalist and commentator, known by his initials CMJ.
Link: BBC

Patrick Moore

December 9, 2012: Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, 89, British astronomer who became the star of BBC's The Sky at Night – the world's longest-running television program with the same host.
Link: Wikipedia; BBC

Oscar Niemeyer

December 5, 2012; Oscar Niemeyer, 104, Brazilian architect whose designs can be seen across Europe, the US and South America.
Link: Wikipedia

Michael Marra

October 23, 2012: Michael Marra, 60, Scottish singer-songwriter who was popular as a solo performer and with bands including Skeets Boliver. He also wrote extensively for the theatre.
Link: Wikipedia; BBC

Dorothy McGuire

September 7, 2012: Dorothy McGuire, 84, US singer, a member of popular group The McGuire Sisters.
Link: Wikipedia

Sun Myung Moon

September 3, 2012: Sun Myung Moon, 92, Korean leader of the Unification Church, whose adherents were known as "The Moonies". He was renowned for conducting mass weddings of couples who had often only just met each other.
Link: Telegraph

Jerry Nelson

August 23, 2012: Jerry Nelson, 78, US pupeteer who worked with Jim Henson on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. His characters included Count von Count, Mr Snuffleupagus and Camilla the Chicken. he also played the central character Gobo on Fraggle Rock.
Link: Wikipedia

Scott McKenzie

August 18, 2012: Scott McKenzie, 73, US singer-songwriter who sang San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) in 1967, and co-wrote the Beach Boys' hit Kokomo.
Link: EW

Tony Martin

July 27, 2012: Tony Martin, 92, US singer and actor, born Alvin Morris. He appeared in the films Follow the Fleet, The Big Store and Lover Come Back, and had his own TV show on NBC in the 1950s. Martin was married to the late Cyd Charisse for 60 years.

LeRoy Neiman

June 20, 2012: LeRoy Neiman, 91, US painter who became best known for his vibrant images of the sport world.
Link: CNN

George Murdock

April 30: George Murdock, 81, US character actor who played in television series including Barney Miller, Bonanza, Ironside, Battlestar Galactica, Night Court, The X-Files and Law & Order, and played God in the film Star Trek: The Final Frontier.
Link: LA Times

Patricia Medina

April 28, 2012: Patricia Medina, 92, British-born Hollywood leading lady of the 1950s. Her films included Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion, Plunder of the Sun, Botany Bay, Phantom of the Rue Morgue and Fortunes of Captain Blood.She married actor Joseph Cotten in 1960.
Link: LA Times

Fumihiko Nakatsu

April 24, 2012: Fumihiko Nakatsu, 70, Japanese novelist.
Link: Indie Bookspot

Barney McKenna

April 5, 2012: Barney McKenna, 72, Irish musician, the last surviving member of The Dubliners. Their hits included Seven Drunken Nights, Black Velvet Band and The Wild Rover.
Link: Telegraph

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