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1: Helen Montagu, 75, Australian who became an influential London West End producer
3: Barbara Jefferis, 86, Australian writer
4: Harold Gast, 85, US scriptwriter of TV shows including I Spy and Dr Kildare
4: Joan Aiken, 79, British children's author
6: Francesco Scavullo, 82, US fashion photographer
7: Ingrid Thulin, 77, Swedish actress famous for starring roles in Ingmar Bergman's films
8: John A. Gambling, 73, New York radio host
8: Charles Brown, 57, American stage and television actor
9: Nissim Ezekiel, 79, Indian poet
10: Spalding Gray, 64, US actor (last seen alive on this date, his body was found on March 8)
14: John Dommett, Australian actor and theatre teacher who starred in TV drama The Young Doctors
14: Uta Hagen, 84, American actress
14: Ron O'Neal, 64, US actor
15: Olivia Goldsmith, 53, US writer whose work included First Wives Club
17: Noble Willingham, 73, American actor
18: Colin Harper, 71, conductor of the Queensland Pops Orchestra
22: Ann Miller, 84, US actress and dancer
23 Helmut Newton, 83, German-Australian photographer
23: Bob Keeshan, 76, American TV personality who played Captain Kangaroo
27: Jack Parr, 85, US talk show pioneer
28: Janet Frame, 76, New Zealand author
29: James Saunders , 79, British playwright
29: Joe Viterelli, 66, US actor

6: Michael Easton, 49, Australia-based British composer and music critic
7: Norman Thelwell, 83, British cartoonist
7: Julius Schwartz, 88, US comic-book editor
15: Jan Miner, 86, US stage actress and TV commercial star
22: Mary Bryant, 71, Broadway agent
22: Les Gray, 57, singer with 1970s UK band Mud
24: John Randolph, 88, US stage and screen character actor
26: Russell Hunter, 78, British actor who played Lonely in Callan
29: Jerome Lawrence, 88, US playwright of Mame fame

MARCH, 2004
4: John McGeoch, 48, rock guitarist of Public Image Ltd and Siouxsie and the Banshees fame
6: Frances Dee, 94, pioneering Hollywood star and wife of the late Joel McCrae
7: Paul Winfield, 62, trail-blazing black American actor
8: Robert Pastorelli, 49, US actor who played the house painter in Murphy Brown
13: Sydney Carter, 88, British composer of popular Christian song Lord of the Dance
17: J.J. Jackson, 62, first MTV VJ
26: Jan Sterling, 83, US actress of Ace in the Hole
28: Jan Berry, 62, US singer of Jan and Dean fame
28: Peter Ustinov, 82, British actor, writer and raconteur
29: Alistair Cooke, 95, British broadcaster whose Letter From America ran from 1946to 2004

APRIL 2004
1: Carrie Snodgress, 57, US actress who starred in Diary of a Mad Housewife
9: Harry Babbitt, 90, singer who voiced the laugh of Woody Woodpecker
19: Tim Burstall, 76, Australian director of the Alvin Purple films
19: Norris McWhirter, 78, British editor and co-creator of The Guinness Book of Records
24: Jose Giovanni, 80, French filmmaker
26: Estee Lauder, 97, US cosmetics queen

MAY, 2004
3: Gilbert Lani Kauhi, 66, US star of Hawaii Five-O
9: Alan King, 76, veteran American stand-up comic
14: Anna Lee, 91, veteran US actress, lately of General Hospital
16: June Taylor, 86, actor and choreographer for TV's Jackie Gleason Show
17: Tony Randall, 84, Star of The Odd Couple and Pillow Talk
22: Richard Biggs, 44, US actor of Babylon V

JUNE, 2004
5: Ronald Reagan, 93, US B-grade film actor who became President
10: Ray Charles, 73, US singer of Georgia on My Mind fame
13: Danny Dark, 64, US radio and TV voiceover actor
14: Max Rosenberg, 89, Hollywood low-budget film pioneer
17: Jackie Paris, 79, US jazz singer

JULY, 2004
2: Marlon Brando, 80, great American actor of On the Waterfront and The Godfather fame
5: Syreeta Wright, 58, US singer, onetime wife of Stevie Wonder
8: Paula Danziger, 59, American children's books author
12: Isabel Sanford, 86, US star of Guess Who's Coming for Dinner and TV's The Jeffersons
12: George Mallaby, 64, Australian actor, star of Homicide and Cop Shop
17: Bella Lewitzky, 88, US dancer and choreographer
21: Jerry Goldsmith, 75, US film music writer
28: Jackson Beck, 92, US radio voiceover actor
31: Laura Betti, 70, Italian actress

AUGUST, 2004
2: Henri Cartier-Bresson, 95, pioneering French photojournalist who co-founded Magnum agency
6: Rick James, 56, US "punk funk" singer of Superfreak fame
8: Fay Wray, 96, US actress whose most famous role was in the 1933 classic King Kong
10: Frank Maxwell, 87, Broadway and TV actor
16: Carl Mydans, 97, pioneering war photographer for Life magazine
17: Thea Astley, 78, Brisbane-born Australian author
18: Elmer Bernstein, 82, American film music composer
26: Laura Branigan, 47, US pop singer and actress
31: Carl Wayne, 61, UK singer with The Move and The Hollies

8: Frank Thomas, 92, Disney animator
11: Fred Ebb, 76, American lyricist of New York, New York and musicals Chicago and Cabaret
12: Jerome Chodorov, 93, US playwright of My Sister Eileen
18: Russ Meyer, 82, American director of cult soft-porn films including Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
24: Nigel Nicolson, 87, British author and publisher
24: Francoise Sagan, 69, French author

3: Janet Leigh, 77, US actress famous for shower scene in Psycho
5: Rodney Dangerfield, 82, American comedian whose catchphrase was "I don't get no repsect"
10: Christopher Reeve, 52, US star of Superman who became paralysed in a horse-riding accident
25: John Peel, 65, British popular music broadcaster
29: Vaughn Meader, 68, US satirist

2: Peggy Ryan, 80, US dancer and film star
7: Howard Keel, 85, US star of musicals including Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and TV's Dallas
9: Emlyn Hughes, 57, 1970s England soccer captain who became a TV and radio star
11: Dayton Allen, 85, voice actor whose characters included Deputy Dawg
13: Russell Jones, 35, US rapper known as Ol'Dirty Bastard
13: Harry Lampert, 88, creator of DC Comics superhero The Flash
15: Len Granato, 65, Brisbane, Australia theatre director and journalism teacher
18: Cy Coleman, 75, Broadway composer of Sweet Charity and City of Angels
19: Terry Melcher, 62, California music producer who worked with the Beach Boys
24: Arthur Hailey, 84, British-born American novelist
25: David Bailey, 71, US soap opera actor
27: Philippe de Broca, 71, French filmmaker whose movies included King of Hearts and That Man from Rio
29: John D Barrymore, 72, member of famous US acting dynasty

2: Alicia Markova, 94, co-founder of the English National Ballet
2: Mona Van Duyn, 83, first female US poet laureate
7: Rita Mills, Torres Strait Island singer who was one of the Mills Sisters vocal group
8: "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, 38, US heavy metal guitarist with bands Pantera and Damageplan
9: Jerry Scoggins, 93, US country artist who sang The Beverly Hillbillies theme
14: Fernando Poe Jr, 65, Philippines film star and politician known as "Da King"
16: Athena Starwoman, 5?, Australian celebrity astrologer
16: Freddie Perren, 61, US record producer who worked on Saturday Night Fever and with the Jackson 5
19: Renata Tebaldi , 82, Italian opera star, a rival to Maria Callas
20: Son Seals, 62, US blues singer-guitarist and co-founder of Alligator Records
28: Susan Sontag, 71, American intellectual, moralist, filmmaker and author
28: Jerry Orbach, 69, US star of TV series Law and Order
30: Artie Shaw, 94, much-married American band leader

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