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2: Sydney Omar, 76, celebrity astrologer
3: José María Gironella, 85, best-selling Spanish author
5: Jean Kerr, 79, author of Please Don't Eat the Daisies
9: Penny Valentine, 60, British pop music writer in Swinging Sixties
11: Mickey Finn, 55, member of British glam rock group T Rex
12: Maurice Gibb, 53, vocalist and bass player with Australian/British band The Bee Gees
13: Norman Panama, 98, writer of the stage musical Lil Abner and the movie White Christmas
14: Alan Edwards, founder of Queensland Theatre Company and Actors' and Entertainers' Benevolent Fund
17: Richard Crenna, 76, American star of Rambo films
18: Harivansh Rai Bachchan, 96, Indian poet
19: Owen Delaney, Sydney-based broadcaster
19: Francoise Giroud, 86, French journalist and author
20: Al Hirschfeld, 99, US caricaturist of Hollywood and Broadway stars
22: Bill Maudlin, 81, US cartoonist
23: Nell Carter, 54, Broadway musicals and television sit-com star
25: Robert Rockwell, 82, American film star of Our Miss Brooks and War of the Worlds fame
25: Lady (Diana) Menuhin, 90, ballerina and widow of violinist Yehudi Menuhin
26: Hugh Trevor-Roper (Lord Dacre), 89, British historian who wrote The Last Days of Hitler
29: Leslie Fiedler, 85, American academic and literary critic whose works included Love and Death in the American Novel
30: Mary Ellis, 105, British actor who worked with Noel Coward and Ivor Novello


4: Jerome Hines, 81, American opera star and composer
5: George Lovejoy, 79, Brisbane-based broadcaster, known as "Mr Rugby League".
8: Malcolm Roberts, 58, British singer who made the big time in Las Vegas
10: Barry Russell, 59, UK theatre historian and webmaster
17: Baroness Elie de Rothschild (Liliane Elisabeth Victoire Fould-Springe), 86, patron of the arts
19: Johhny Paycheck, 64, American singer of Take this Job and Shove It fame
24: John Shaw, 78, Australian baritone
27: Fred Rogers, 74, star of American television program Mr Rogers' Neighborhood

MARCH, 2003

5: Sir Hardy Amies, 93, dress-maker to the Queen
8: Adam Faith, 62, British pop star and actor
11: Marina Ladyninab, 94, Russian actress of The Tractor Drivers and The Rich Fiancée fame
11: Kevin Laffan, 80, British playwright adn television writer
12: Howard Fast, 88, US novelist of Spartacus fame who was blacklisted in McCarthy era
12: Lynne Thigpen, 54 , US star of Where in the World is Carmen Santiago? and The District
15: Dame Thora Hird, 91, distinguished British actress
27: Paul Zindel, 65, US plawright of The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
30: Nick Enright, 52, Australian playwright and screenwriter
30: Michael Jetter, 50, American actor of Grand Hotel fame

APRIL, 2003

2: Edwin Starr, 61, US soul singer
11: Eva Narcissus Boyd, 59, Sixties singer better known as Little Eva
21: Nina Simone,70, American jazz and blues singer
22: Felice Bryant, 77, American songwriter of Wake Up Little Suzie fame

MAY, 2003

3: Suzy Parker, 70, model of 1960s and 1970s
14: Robert Stack, 84, American actor of The Untouchables fame
14: Wendy Hiller, 90, British stage actress, a favourite of George Bernard Shaw
15: June Carter Cash, 73, American country singer-songwriter
24: Rachel Kempson, 92, British actor and matriarch of the Redgrave clan
25: Lois Rosenfield, 78, US theatre producer
25: Pa Coombs, 75, British actress of Beggar My Neighbour and EastEnders
28: Natalya Reshetovskaya, 84, Russian chemist and wife of author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
30: Mickey Most, 64, American record producer and songwriter

JUNE, 2003

2: Trevor Goddard, 37, British boxer and actor, star of US series JAG
11: Gregory Peck 87, American film star of To Kill A Mockingbird fame
11: David Brinkley, 82, respected American newsman
11: William Marshall, 78, US actor of Othello and Blacula fame
15: Hume Cronyn, 91, Canadian actor, star of Cocoon and Lifeboat
16: Asa Baber, 66, Playboy columnist and author
21: George Axelrod, 81, US playwright and scriptwriter of Seven Year Itch fame
21: Leon Uris, 78, prolific US author of Exodus fame
29: Katharine Hepburn, 96, American screen legend, star of The African Queen
30: Buddy Hackett, 78, American stand-up comic and star of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
30: Oriel Gray, 83, Australian playwright

JULY, 2003

1: Herbie Mann, 73, US jazz composer and performer
1: N!xau, 59, southern African bushman and star of The Gods Must be Crazy
4: Barry White, 58, soul man.
6: Buddy Ebsen, 95, Broadway song-and-dance man and star of The Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones
9: Josephine Jacobsen, 94, American poet
10: Winston Graham, 93, british author of Poldark novels
12: Benny Carter, 95, US jazz composer and alto saxophonist
13: Compay Segundo, 95, Cuban guitarist and vocalist of Buena Vista Social Club fame
14: Alexander Walker, 73, British film critic and biographer
16: Carol Shields, 68, Canadian writer
16: Celia Cruz, 77, America's "Queen of salsa"
16: Buddy Deane, 79, US television host of 1950s and 60s
21: Matt Jefferies, 82, designer of the USS Enterprise for TV's Star Trek
21: Norman Lewis, 95, English travel writer
25: John Schlesinger, 77, British film director of Midnight Cowboy fame
26: Sir William Dargie, 91, Australian portrait artist
27: Bob Hope, 100, British born American entertainer
29: Johnny Walker, 79, Bollywood star described as "India's answer to Bob Hope"
30: Sam Phillips, 80, "the man who invented rock'n'roll"; producer of Elvis Presley's That's All Right, Mama

AUGUST, 2003

1: Marie Trintignant, 41, French actress.
2: Don Estelle, 70, diminutive British actor who played Lofty in It Ain't Half Hot Mum
9: Gregory Hines, 57, Broadway dancer and film star.
10: Jacques Deray, 74, film director known as "the French Hitchcock"
18: Tony Jackson, 63, bass player and founding member of British pop group The Searchers
19: Vivien Greene, 98, writer, doll collector and wife of writer Graham Greene
19: Rennie Ellis, 62, Australian society photographer
24: Sir Wilfred Thesiger, 93, British traveller and writer
30: Charles Bronson, 81, US actor of The Magnificent Seven and Death Wish franchise fame


5: Gisele MacKenzie, 76, US singer and actress
6: Jules Engel, 94, Hungarian born US animator who worked on Disney's Bambi and Fantasia, and Mr Magoo
7: Warren Zevon, 56, Singer-songwriter of Werewolves of London fame
8: Leni Riefenstahl, 101, German filmmaker who made Triumph of the Will for Hitler's Nazi party
10: Larry Hovis, 67, US actor of Hogan's Heroes and Rowan and Martin's Laugh In fame
11: John Ritter, 54, US sitcom star, of Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
12: Johnny Cash, 71, American country singer known as the Man in Black
16: Sheb Wooley, 82, actor and singer of Purple People-Eater fame
19: Slim Dusty, 76, Australian singer-songwriter,real name David Gordon Kirkpatrick
20: Gordon Mitchell, 80, US bodybuilder and star of sword and sandal epics
22: Gordon Jump, 71, American star of sitcom WKRP in Cincinatti
24: Matthew Jay, 24, British singer-songwriter.
25: George Plimpton, 75, American "participatory" journalist
26: Robert Palmer, 54, British singer, of Addicted to Love fame
27: Donald O'Connor, 76, Hollywood song and dance man
28: Elia Kazan, 94, Hollywood director of classics including On the Waterfront and East of Eden
30: John Hawkesworth, 82, British writer-producer of Upstairs, Downstairs and Duchess of Duke Street


3: William Steig, 95, writer and illustrator who created Shrek
3: Florence Stanley, 79, US actress who played Mrs Fish on sitcom Barney Miller
5: Denis Quilley, 75, British stage and screen actor
10: Tommy Hanlon Jr, 80, US-born Australian TV host and Silvers Circus ringmaster
15: Peter Moselle, 76, Gold Coast-based entertainer
18: Manuel Vazquez Montalban, 64, Spanish author and left-wing commentator
20: Jack Elam, 84, US character actor and film villain
21: Fred "Rerun" Berry, 52, American star of Seventies sitcom, What's Happening
21: Elliott Smith, 34, US singer whose melancholic songs included Miss Misery
24: Rosey Nix Adams, 45, US singer, daughter of Roseanne Carter and step-daughter of Johnny Cash
24: Tony Capstick, 59, British comedian of Last of the Summer Wine and recording star
27: Ron Roddy, 66, US game show host
27: Franco Bonisolli, 66, Italian tenor
27: Barry Sullivan, 57, Queensland bass player who played won many hits of the 1960s and 70s
28: Franco Corelli, 82, Italian opera tenor
30: Steve O'Rourke, 63, longtime manager of British rock band Pink Floyd


2: Christabel Bielenberg, 94, English author of The Past is Myself
2: Cecilia Green, 72, British ballet dancer and artist's model
4: Charles Causley, 86, British poet
4: R.M. Williams, 95, Australian Outback legend and boot-maker
5: Bobby Hatfield, 63, member of US duet The Righteous Brothers
8: Bob Grant, 71, British actor who played conductor Jack in On The Buses
9: Mario Merz,83, Italian artist
9: Buddy Arnold, 77, US jazz musician
9: Art Carney, 85, American comic actor of The Honeymooners fame
12: Tony Thompson, 48, US drummer with rock bands Chic and Power Station
12: Jonathan Brandis, 27, US actor of SeaQuest DSV fame
13: Kellie Waymire, 36, American actress who had recurring roles in Six Feet Under and Star Trek: Enterprise
15: Dorothy Loudon, 70, American stage actress who starred in Annie
16: Gary Stewart, 59, US country singer whose hits included She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)
17: Arthur Conley, 57, American soul singer
17: Don Gibson, 75, US country song writer whose hits included Oh Lonesome Me
18: Michael Kamen, 55, American musician and composer
21: Gene Anthony Ray, 41, American actor and dancer who starred in the film Fame
22: Dick Thomas, 88, American singing cowboy who wrote Sioux City Sue
23: Desleye Kruck, 72, Brisbane and Gold Coast theatre identity
24: Uma Devi, 80, Bollywood comedienne and vocalist known as Tun Tun
25: Mary Queeny, 90, Egyptian film star and producer
25: Hal Walker, 70, pioneering black American television journalist
26: Gordon Reid, 64, Scottish actor
30: Earl Bellamy, 86, Veteran US television director


3: David Hemmings, 62, British actor, director and producer
6: Hans Hotter, 94, Austrian opera star
8: Ruben Gonzalez, 84, Cuban pianist of Buena Vista Social Club
13: Alexis Kanner, 61, British television actor, of Prisoner fame
14: Jeanne Crain, 78, Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress
16: Alfred Lynch, 72, British actor
16: Glynn Boyd Harte, 55, British painter and illustrator
17: Ed Devereux, 78, Australian actor who played Matt Hammond in Skippy
19: Hope Lange, 70, US star of Peyton Place and The Ghost and Mrs Muir
27: Ying Ruocheng, 74, Chinese actor of The Last Emperor and vice minister of culture
27: Alan Bates, 69, British actor who starred in Zorba the Greek
28: Isabelle Stevenson, 60, American Theatre Wing chairwoman and Tony awards founder
29: Bob Monkhouse, 75, British comedian and actor
29: Earl Hindman, 61, US actor who played the neighbour in Home Improvement
29: Dinsdale Landen, 71, British stage actor
30: Anita Mui, 40, Hong Kong Canto-pop star
30: Nora Heysen, 92, Australian artist and daughter of Sir Hans Heysen
30: Patricia Roc, 88, British film star, a favourite of Noel Coward
30: Vladimir Bogomolov, 77, Russian novelist and scriptwriter
30: John Gregory Dunne, 71, US author and scriptwriter
30: Hukwe Zawose, 65, world music pioneer
31: Betty Ross, Queensland actor

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