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January, 2002

1: Julia Phillips, 57, first female producer to win an Academy Award, whose credits include The Sting, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Taxi Driver, plus the controversial autobiography You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again.

3: Zac Foley, 31, bass player with British dance-rock band EMF.

4: Ada Falcon, 96, Argentina's “Empress of the Tango” in the 1930s and 40s and companion of tango inventor Carlos Gardel.

4: Peter Hemmings, 67, London-born former general manager of Los Angeles Opera.

7: Jon Lee, 33, member of Welsh band Feeder.

11: Henri Verneuil, 81, French film director best known for The Sicilian Clan.

12: Stanley Unwin, 90, South African-born comedian who created his own nonsense language.

13: Ted Demme, 38, American director of Blow.

13: Gregorio Fuentes, 104, Cuban cook credited with being the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

13: Frank Shuster, 85, Canadian comedian who had popular double act with Johnny Wayne.

17: Camilo Jose Cela, 85, Spanish author and 1989 Nobel prize winner.

17: Peter Adamson, 72,actor who starred as Len Fairclough on British television’s Coronation Street.

21: Peggy Lee, 81, American actress and singer of Fever fame.

28: Astrid Lindgren, 94, Swedish children’s author who created the rebellious Pippi Longstocking.

29: Harold Russell, 88, actor who lost both hands in World War II and starred in The Best Years of Our Lives.

29: Stratford Johns, 77, British star of television series Z Cars, Softly Softly and I, Claudius.

30: Inge Morath, 78, American photographer who worked for the legendary Magnum agency and was married to playwright Arthur Miller.

February, 2002

1: Hildegard Knef, 76, German actress who caused a furore with the first nude scene in German cinema in The Sinner (Die Sünderin, 1951).

6: Wendell Marshall, 81, American jazzman who was a member of Duke Ellington's orchestra.

Bob Wooler, 76, disc jockey at Liverpool’s Cavern Club who famously fought with John Lennon at Paul McCartney’s 21st birthday party.

10: Dave van Ronk, 65, American folk and blues singer who influenced Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and Suzanne Vega.

11: Barry Foster, 70, British star of Dutch detective series Van der Valk whose stage successes included the 1990s’ revival of An Inspector Calls.

13: Waylon Jennings, 64, American country singer who cheated death in 1959 when he gave up his seat on the plane that crashed and killed Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Richie Valnes.

14: Daniel Pearl, 38, American journalist kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan.

14: Mick Tucker, 54, British drummer with glam rock group The Sweet, whose hits included Ballroom Blitz, Peppermint Twist and Fox on the Run. 15: Kevin Smith, 38, who starred as Ares in Xena: Warrior Princess.

21: John Thaw, 60, British actor who starred in Inspector Morse and The Sweeney.

22: Chuck Jones, 89, legendary Academy Award-winning artist and director responsible for classic cartoons starring Bugs Bunny, Pep Le Pew and Road Runner.

26: Lawrence Tierney, 82, American actor who starred in Dillinger (1945) and Reservoir Dogs, famous drunken brawls and stays in prisons and mental hospitals.

27: Spike Milligan, 83, eccentric Irish comedian, who wrote The Goon Show and other comic classics. He famously called Prince Charles “a grovelling little bastard”.

March, 2002

8: Hamish Henderson, 82 , Scottish poet and folk singer.

12: Jean-Paul Riopelle, 78, Canadian painter and sculptor.

16: Carmelo Bene, 64, Italian actor.

17: William Witney, 81, American director best known for the television series Lassie, Wagon Train and The Wild, Wild West

23: Eileen Farrell, 82, American soprano who was favourably compared with Maria Callas.

25: Kenneth Wolstenholme, 81, British soccer commentator who, as England was poised to win the 196 World Cup, uttered the famous words: “Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over. It is now.” 27: Dudley Moore, 66, British actor, concert pianist and comedian who briefly became a Hollywood heart-throb.

Milton Berle, 93, American comedian who became US television’s superstar.

28: Billy Wilder, 95, Austrian-born Oscar-winning film director who made Sunset Boulevard, Some Like it Hot and The Apartment.

31: Amelia Bachelor, 91, the model for the Columbia Pictures logo, who received just $25 for her efforts.

Barry Took, 73, British comic, producer and writer who brought together the Monty Python team.

April, 2002

8: Maria Felix, 88, actress known as the “Mexican Marilyn Monroe.

9: John Agar, 81.American star of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Fort Apache. 16: Robert Urich, 55, Star of Vega$ and Spenser for Hire.

18: Thor Heyerdahl, 87, Norwegian explorer and writer, known for his 1947 Kon-Tiki raft voyage.

19: Layne Stanley, 34, lead singer with grunge band Alice in Chains.

19: Reginald Rose, 81, American writer of the films Twelve Angry Men, The Wild Geese and Whose Life is it Anyway?. 23: Linda Lovelace, 53, (real name: Linda Boreman) American star of the pioneering 1972 pornographic film Deep Throat who later became an outspoken opponent of the porn industry.

25: Lisa ‘Left eye’ Lopes, 30, American singer.

27: Ruth Handler, 85, creator of the Barbie doll.

May, 2002

3: Yevgeny Svetlanov, 73, Russian pianist, conductor and composer.

6: Otis Blackwell, 70, American who wrote Great Balls of Fire, for Jerry Lee Lewis, and Don't Be Cruel and All Shook Up for Elvis Presley.

10: Yves Robert, 81, French actor and director.

12: Patrick Fyffe, 60, British actor who played Dame Hilda Bracket in the Hinge and Bracket double act.

13: Ruth Cracknell, 76, Australian actor, star of the stage, screen and, memorably, television’s Mother and Son.

14: Bill Peet Disney animator and children’s book author, who said he drew Peter Pan’s Captain Hookin Walt Disney’s likeness.

16: Dave Berg, 81, American cartoonist renowned for The Lighter Side series in MAD magazine.

19: Walter Lord, 84, American author of best-seller A Night to Remember, about the sinking of the Titanic.

20: Stephen Jay Gould, 60, American popular scientist and prolific author.

20: Gordon Wharmby, 68, British actor who appeared in the comedy Last of the Summer Wine.

24: Pat Coombs, 75, British star of Carry On comedies and the soapie, EastEnders. 30: Mildred Wirt Benson, 96, American writer of Nancy Drew mysteries.

30: John B Keane, 73, Irish playwright of Big Maggie and The Matchmakers fame.

June, 2002

3: Lew Wasserman, 89, former Hollywood movie mogul and agent who once represented Ronald Reagan.

5: Dee Dee Ramone, 49, co-founder and songwriter of American punk band The Ramones, whose hits included Teenage Lobotomy and I Wanna Be Sedated.

21: Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, about 70, indigenous Australian artist.

27: John Entwistle, 57, bass guitarist with British band The Who.

28: Francois Perier, 82, French actor.

29: Rosemary Clooney, 74, American singer of the 1950s who starred with Bing Crosby in White Christmas. Actor George Clooney is her nephew.

July, 2002

2: Ray Brown, 75, jazz bassist who married Ella Fitzgerald.

5: Katy Jurado,, 78, Mexican actor who starred in High Noon.

6: John Frankenheimer, 72, American director whose credits included Birdman of Alcatraz,, The Manchurian Candidate and Reindeer Games.

9: Rod Steiger, 77, American actor who starred in On the Waterfront, In the Heat of the Night and Mars Attacks!.

11: Gerald Campion, 81, British actor who played Billy Bunter in the 1950s.

13: Yousuf Karsh, 93, Armenian-born photographer whose picture of Winston Churchill became a symbol of British defiance in World War II.

14: Russell Page, 34, gifted performer with Australia’s Bangarra Dance Theatre.

19: Alan Lomax, 87, American folk and blues producer who first recorded Muddy Waters, Leadbelly and Woodie Guthrie.

21: Gus Dudgeon, 59, English record producer who collaborated with Elton John and produced David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

23: Leo McKern, 82, Australian star of Rumpole of the Bailey and films including A Man for All Seasons, Help!, Ryan’s Daughter and Travelling North.

24: Maurice Denham, 92, English star of Our Man in Havana, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Day of the Jackal.

August, 2002

3: Carmen Silvera, 80, British star of comedy series ’Allo ’Allo.

5: Franco Lucentini, 81, Italian writer.

Francisco Coloane, 92, Chilean.

11: Jiri Kolar, 87, Czech poet and.

11: Jan Stenbeck, 59, Swedish media tycoon who founded the free Metro newspaper chain.

18: Dean Riesner, 83, American writer of Dirty Harry and other screenplays.

30: John Lee Thompson, 88, British director of Cape Fear and The Guns of Navarone.

31: Lionel Hampton, 94, American vibraphone player who recorded with Louis Armstrong.

September, 2002

7: Katrin Cartlidge , 41, English actress who starred in Naked, Breaking the Waves and the television series Crime and Punishment.

11: Kim Hunter 79, American actress who won an Oscar for best supporting actress for A Streetcar Named Desire.

17: Dodo Marmarosa, 76, American jazz pianist.

19: Tatyana Velikanova, 70, Soviet dissident and editor of the underground magazine Chronicle of Current Events.

20: Sergei Bodrov Jr, 30, Russian actor and director known for his roles in East-West and Prisoner of the Caucasus.

Joan Littlewood, 87, radical British director responsible for Oh, What A Lovely War and Sparrows Can’t Sing.

22: Jan de Hartog, 88, Dutch writer novelist of Holland’s Glory fame.

24: Tim Rose, 62, popular American songwriter of Hey Joe and Morning Dew fame.

October, 2002

3: Bruce Paltrow, 55, American film director of Duets fame and father of actor Gwynneth Paltrow.

4: Andre Delvaux, 76, Belgian film director.

14: Ray Conniff, 85, American jazz trombonist and composer of Somewhere My Love.

Norbert Schultze, 91, German composer of Lili Marleen, which was immortalised by Marlene Dietrich.

15: Derek Bell, 66, Irish harpist and member for the folk group, the Chieftains, who helped rescue the instrument from oblivion.

19: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, 100, Mexican photographer.

20: Bernard Fresson, 71, French stage and screen actor.

24: Adolph Green, 86, American lyricist responsible for Take Me Out to the Ball Game, < and Singin’ in the Rain.

25: Richard Harris, 72, hard-living Irish actor famed for This Sporting Life, A Man Called Horse, Camelot and the Harry Potter films.

27: Andre De Toth, 89, Hungarian-born film director who made the 3D classic House of Wax even though he was blind in one eye.

30: Jam Master Jay, 37, American hip-hop pioneer of Run DMC fame, shot dead in New York.

Juan Antonio Bardem, 80, Spanish film director.

31: Raf Vallone, 86, Italian actor.

November, 2002

3: Lonnie Donegan, 71, British skiffle singer who influenced all the major British bands of the 1960s.

Jonathan Harris, 87, American actor who played the cunning yet whining Dr Smith in Lost in Space.

7: Rudolf Augstein, 79, German journalist who founded the news magazine Der Spiegel.

18: James Coburn, 74, American actor who starred in The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape.

20: George Barrie, 90, American songwriter and film producer who also created the male fragrance Brut.

23: Roberto Matta, 91, Chilean painter and sculptor.

26: Fernanda Gattinoni, 95, Italian designer whose clients included Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Eva Peron and Jackie Onassis.

27: Karel Reisz, 76, Czech-born British film director of Isadora and The French Lieutenant’s Woman 29: Daniel Gelin, 81, French actor.

December, 2002

2: Mal Waldron, 77, American jazz pianist who accompanied Billie Holliday.

3: Glenn Quinn, 32, actor who played Mark on Roseanne.

Klaus Löwitsch, 66, German actor.

12: Brad Dexter, 85, US actor who starred in The Magnificent Seven and once saved Frank Sinatra from drowning.

13: Zal Yanovsky, 57, Canadian-born rocker from The Lovin’ Spoonful whose hits included Summer In The City.

22: Joe Strummer, 50, from British band The Clash, best known for the 1979 punk anthem London Calling.

26: Herb Ritts, 50, fashion and celebrity photographer.

27: George Roy Hill, 81, director of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and The Sting.

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